• The DAMAC Difference – Tubular Steel

    We use only the finest materials and best-in-class manufacturing processes to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of our server rack products. Each rack is constructed of top-quality tubular steel using state-of-the-art metal processing equipment. Tubular steel is a multi-functional necessity for many industries. It is a versatile product for building strong data racks, and contributes

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  • Behind the Scenes: DAMAC Warehouse


    Everyone sees the finished product of a data center, but not everyone gets to see the hard work that goes into building a server that holds some of the world’s most important data. Most would assume it’s just an assembly line with an end result of a finished product, but the reality is there are

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  • Data Center Checklist: 5 Must-Haves When Designing Your Data Center


    Data centers have become a vital part of today’s tech-driven world. People communicate across digital networks and store everything from photos to personal information in the Cloud. Even transactions are happening virtually, eliminating the need for physical currency. Data centers allow organizations to remotely store, process and distribute large amounts of data. With the rapid

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  • The DAMAC Structure: Launch Party Highlights 


    On Thursday, April 14th, the DAMAC team had the pleasure of hosting anincredibly exciting launch party in honor of the latest in product achievement –  the DAMAC Structure. Guests were invited to DAMAC ‘s headquarters where they mingled with industry and media leaders, toured the facility, and viewed the DAMAC Structure in person, all while being treated to music, delicious food stations and

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