Behind the Scenes: DAMAC Warehouse


Everyone sees the finished product of a data center, but not everyone gets to see the hard work that goes into building a server that holds some of the world’s most important data. Most would assume it’s just an assembly line with an end result of a finished product, but the reality is there are so many materials and skills needed to create data center products.  We have provided a breakdown to allow you to really take a look at what goes on behind-the-scenes at the DAMAC warehouse.


Before stepping foot in the DAMAC warehouse the first thing that will catch your eye is a big, red stop sign warning both visitors and workers to wear safety glasses upon entering. Here at the DAMAC warehouse, we take safety seriously and make it a priority among all employees.


Once you have applied your safety glasses you will enter a very loud warehouse that is the home to all of the machines.  Also included in the warehouse are aisles of raw materials that are used to build our data center racks. This includes, but is not limited to the massive amounts of tubular steel, which is DAMAC’s key material.


After passing the aisles of raw materials, you will find a few workers cutting this tubular steel with a saw machine to fit the clients’ exact needs (all of our work is custom). This is where most of the noise comes from, and as you can see by the look of the worker’s concentration, it requires a lot of caution and precision.


Further along is the welding station, where workers use a torch to connect the pieces to create a frame for the server racks. These have to be very defined in order to pass checkpoints and regulations throughout the building process. By watching the worker, we noticed him putting his mask on and off in order to ensure the job is done correctly and precisely.


In the next stage, there is a product line of racks waiting to enter the powder-coating machine. The powder-coating machine contains workers dressed in white coveralls, that are using a coating gun, to paint the racks and accessories. This is so the frames and racks can be painted to meet any color requirement. Yes, ANY color!IMG_3667IMG_3682

When exiting the warehouse one will see an inventory of finished DAMAC products waiting to be wrapped in plastic, boxed and shipped to their final destination, safely.


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