Custom is the NEW Standard


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As consumers we have realized that everyone is different.  A product that works for one consumer may not fit the needs of another.  At DAMAC we feel that every data center is different.  Color, size, application, and accessories all differ depending on your needs.

While most data center racks are constructed based upon Electronics Industry Alliance (EIA) specifications, those standards apply only to the 19-inch mounting requirements of most servers and other equipment. The specifications do not address the wide variations among data centers and the complexities within each environment.

The available floor space, cooling environment and myriad other factors influence the configuration of the data center rack. Unfortunately, many racks and cabinets are generic in nature and stamped out in masse based upon some “typical” specification. These products increase installation costs and operational inefficiencies within the data center environment, resulting in a higher total cost of ownership than a properly engineered custom rack.

At DAMAC, we understand that the smallest details make the difference. Our consultative approach to rack design enables us to deliver a product that satisfies the needs of the modern, dynamic data center. You should not have to build your data center infrastructure around a standard cabinet and make it work. You want it built your way, on time and within budget, and that’s what we do best. Your size, your color, your configurations…YOUR Rack!

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THE FUTURE IS CUSTOM:   A Total Cost of Ownership Approach to Data Center Infrastructure Design