The DAMAC Difference – Tubular Steel

We use only the finest materials and best-in-class manufacturing processes to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of our server rack products. Each rack is constructed of top-quality tubular steel using state-of-the-art metal processing equipment.


Tubular steel is a multi-functional necessity for many industries. It is a versatile product for building strong data racks, and contributes to the stability of the data center. We rounded up the top five reasons why we choose to use tubular steel in our products.

  1. The industrial look and feel keeps it modern when exposed in your home or office, fitting into the latest design trends.
  2. Tubular steel comes in many shapes and sizes, allowing us to fully-customize the rack based on our clients’ needs. While the most popular shape is circular, steel tubing can also be rectangular, oval, or D-shaped.
  3. Steel tubing is highly resistant to a number of elements, including high temperatures and other caustic materials. This prevents corrosion and other surface damage, which ultimately extends the life of the rack.
  4. Tubular steel can be made out of a number of various steels, depending on the purpose for which it is used. These include stainless, galvanized, carbon or mild steel, among others. This makes steel tubing versatile in its application in data center creation and beyond.
  5. Tubular steel can be stronger than a similar sized solid steel bar. The molecules in the solid steel bar are stacked closely together, so any shock or stress will compress the molecules closer together, causing the steel to bend or break. A steel tube is hollow in the middle, allowing shock or stress to be released, making it less likely to bend or break.

In addition, tubular steel is usually more lightweight than the steel bar and is more cost-efficient. Overall, we prefer using tubular steel in our products.

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