The DAMAC Structure: Launch Party Highlights 


On Thursday, April 14th, the DAMAC team had the pleasure of hosting anincredibly exciting launch party in honor of the latest in product achievement –  the DAMAC Structure.

Guests were invited to DAMAC ‘s headquarters where they mingled with industry and media leaders, toured the facility, and viewed the DAMAC Structure in person, all while being treated to music, delicious food stations and beverages. Attendees also had the opportunity to enter for a chance to win $3,000 off their next order with DAMAC- the winner will be announced this May!

The DAMAC Structure is a new approach to data center infrastructure design that affords greater speed, agility and scalability while reducing costs. Self-contained, modular components are delivered to your facility as freestanding units that can be assembled rapidly. As a result, the DAMAC Structure enables you to reduce the time and cost associated with data center buildouts, and create an environment that is consistent across your facilities, yet responds to changing requirements.

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DAMAC team enjoying The Structure launch party.


DAMAC team enjoying the catering at The Structure launch party.