Data Center Checklist: 5 Must-Haves When Designing Your Data Center

Data centers have become a vital part of today’s tech-driven world. People communicate across digital networks and store everything from photos to personal information in the Cloud. Even transactions are happening virtually, eliminating the need for physical currency. Data centers allow organizations to remotely store, process and distribute large amounts of data. With the rapid and ever-changing advancements in technology, ensuring your organization stays up to date with the best, most efficient data center is important. Here are the top five must-haves when building your data center:


  1. Security

This may seem obvious, but if your data center was compromised, it would be disastrous for your entire company. For this reason, physical security is critical when designing your data center. The level of security your data center will require depends on your company’s individual needs. You may consider an alarm system, locking the server racks, backup power for a security system or even hiring guards. No matter the size of your data center, security is a definite must-have, and not something you should be frugal with.


  1. Scalability

When designing a data center, one should always keep in mind a company’s room for growth. Data centers can be costly to design and build. You do not to want to have to rebuild your data center because you only planned for the the current server needs of your company. Your data center should be appropriately sized to ensure your data center has the capacity to expand with the growth of your company.


  1. Customization

Every company has different needs, and your data center should be designed around those specific requirements. Standard catalog products don’t work well in every data center, due to variations in cable routing, power configurations and cooling environments from one organization to another, to name a few. Customizing your data center will not only enhance the data center environment, but also enable more efficient operations and optimized use of the space and cooling.


  1. Manufacturing

Think of a company’s data center as the brain of the organization – storing, processing and distributing all of the company’s data. You need to fuel your brain with the right formula to maximize functionality, and this goes for data centers as well. A top notch data center houses tubular steel racks that are fully welded, not tack welded. Your products should be inspected and tested at every step, and packaged using special cushioning materials that protect every corner, edge and surface.


  1. Engineering

It is important that your data center’s engineering team listens to, and understands, your company’s exact needs. Ideally, the engineers will visit your company’s site, whether the project involves customizing an existing product or an entirely new product. The engineering process includes concept sketches, prototypes and the final build out, and should only take four to six weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Here at DAMAC, our team of engineers customize your project from start to finish. They would closely with each customer to ensure that all needs are met in the most efficient way.


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