Data Center World Global: The Unveiling of Our Revolutionary Structure Design

DAMAC Structure

The DAMAC Structure

The DAMAC team spent their week at the Data Center World Global Conference in Las Vegas, where we revealed our newest product to more than 35,000 data center professionals.

We are proud to unveil the DAMAC Structure! Piece by piece, we put the DAMAC Structure together for the best in the industry to see what we’ve created.

The DAMAC Structure is a new approach to data center infrastructure design that affords greater speed, agility and scalability while reducing costs. Self-contained, modular components are delivered to your facility as freestanding units that can be assembled rapidly. As a result, the DAMAC Structure enables you to reduce the time and cost associated with data center buildouts, and create an environment that is consistent across your facilities yet responds to changing requirements.

DAMAC Structure

Data Center World Global – Booth #725

Each component of the DAMAC Structure is manufactured to our exacting standards, with tubular steel construction and fabricated brackets for both flexibility and durability. DAMAC’s patented quick-connect system and adjustable channels and tracks make modifications simple. The DAMAC Structure can also be coupled together in a daisy-chain configuration.

DAMAC is a pioneer in the development of modular structures for web-scale IT environments, and has evolved the concept to meet the requirements of today’s data centers. Crafted from the finest materials using best-in-class manufacturing processes, the DAMAC Structure represents the leading edge in data center infrastructure design.

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