The True Strength Behind Your Server Rack

Yahoo Data Center

Yahoo Data Center populated with DAMAC Racks

The typical data center rack is made of formed or folded sheet metal, a construction that provides vertical but not horizontal strength. Furthermore, most manufacturers save time, labor and material by using “stitch” welding rather than a continuous seam weld. As a result, weight loads must be limited to about 2,000 pounds for the rack to arrive with its original structural integrity. Otherwise these racks tend to become deflected when shipped fully populated with equipment.

Poor-quality racks may buckle, damaging valuable equipment. But even if the rack appears undamaged when it is uncrated and moved into the data center, IT personnel often find it difficult to remove equipment from the rack for servicing. The deflection of the rack alters the distance between the rails such that the mounting area no longer follows Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) specifications.

So what makes the Strength of a DAMAC Server Rack Different?



DAMAC racks are constructed of tubular steel, which lends itself to horizontal as well as vertical strength. In addition, each seam and joint is fully welded, eliminating the inherent failure points associated with stitch welding.

  • The DAMAC FasTrak can hold 3,500 pounds of equipment when stationary, enabling it to facilitate growing weight loads.
  • More importantly, it will maintain the EIA specification within the mounting area when shipped fully populated with up to 3,000 pounds of equipment.
  • The FasTrak also features larger casters than competitive products. This provides greater floor clearance, making it easier to load and unload the rack from a shipping crate and move a fully populated rack on both flat and angled surfaces.
  • Because tubular steel is less bulky than sheet metal, FasTrak provides 20% more usable space than competitive products and thus more room for cabling and power distribution equipment. The top panel, side panels and doors are easily removed, making it easy to work on a fully populated rack.

DAMAC racks have the strength to support growing equipment weight loads within the data center, along with superior ease of use and airflow optimization. It provides the features needed in today’s dynamic multivendor data center environments, delivering reduced operational costs, increased efficiency and investment protection.

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