Why a Custom Server Rack Puts You Ahead of the Pack

DAMAC Engineering

DAMAC Engineers specialize in the analysis of requirements and space

Custom solutions are increasingly relevant as companies look to the future, not only in leading innovation, but also in promoting efficient spending. Here at DAMAC, our specialty is creating custom server rack solutions for companies of all sizes, from small and midsize brands up to the top Fortune 100 enterprises. So let’s look at data center design, as many of the tech titans are taking the lead with customized solutions.

Microsoft is currently experimenting by taking its data center to the depths of the ocean, meanwhile Facebook has announced a $220-million dollar solar powered data center overseas. We can see that innovation is not limited to new technology or the next big thing; instead, we can often innovate by improving existing processes or solutions, or finding ways to maximize or repurpose our investments.

Ever-evolving technical requirements are a certainty, and in most cases, project management is imperative for making decisive business decisions while accounting for timeliness, cost and efficiency. Here at DAMAC, we pride ourselves on achieving complete customization, meeting each client’s specific technical requirements, for the duration of every project we oversee.

So what does custom mean to us? Here are a few factors that make the difference.


No two data center installations are exactly the same, and no detail too small – so our DAMAC engineers specialize in the analysis of requirements and space, and are on the forefront from the beginning of each project.

As the IT industry has evolved, DAMAC has been able to apply industry knowledge to deliver data center infrastructure products that precisely meet the needs of our customers. Our approach to product development ensures that we are collaborating on forward thinking solutions and making adjustments as quickly as they are needed. Project managers are able to rely on the expertise of our engineers to provide thought leadership on even the smallest of details, while we work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs now and in the future. With all products being manufactured out of our on-site facility in Southern California, we are able to deliver multiple variations of server racks per project, to be sure that the data center gets exactly what it needs, and nothing that it doesn’t.


Aisle Containment

Have you considered the benefits of color-coding your aisles?

Modern and dynamic technology requires precise considerations. We know the importance of setting ourselves apart, and that’s why our products are 100 percent American made from raw materials acquired from US mills. Our products meet rigorous standards of quality control, and are fully welded with top quality tubular steel, not tack welded like many competing products. Innovation and efficiency are key to delivering the highest quality product to our customers.

The perfect rack will be dynamic, simple and efficient above all else. Due to our onsite manufacturing facility, we can take the smallest of details to make a huge impact. Have you considered the benefits of color-coding your aisles? DAMAC can make that happen with an in-house powder-coating machine.

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